About Us

Kamikaze Computers is a full service company located in Alberta, Canada providing both in computer service and web design to individuals and businesses of all types and sizes.

In today’s mainstream of information, one of the most widely used formats to gather information is the Internet. And for any businesses; whether it is personal, non-profit, small business, industrial, or government; a well-built webpage can help supply your customers\viewers with the information they need.

If your business needs a web site or if you'd like to expand your web presence, then you've come to the right place. We will design a web site that suits you and your company. We work closely with you to design the look and feel that represents the values of your company. We make customer satisfaction our primary goal. Check our services and let us help you.

About The Name

Many people tend to ask where the name Kamikaze Computers came from. Why that name was chosen. And where did the slogan come from?

Kamikaze (Kamikaze-tokkō-tai )(from kami meaning "god" and kaze meaning "wind") is a Japanese word — usually translated as divine wind — which came into being as the name of a typhoon that is said to have saved Japan from a Mongol invasion fleet led by Kublai Khan, in 1281.
Used again later to describe the suicide pilots of the Japanese forces in the closing stages of World War II.

Kamikaze Computers was created in a somewhat similar approach to both meanings. When Kamikaze Computers takes on a job ‘we throw ourselves into our work’ and do what we can to save your system.
Plus it's just a fun name. I mean, when was the last time you saw a computer try and save itself from crashing?